Web 2.0 vs Web 1.0

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This is a great presentation that is part of a Webquest by Charlie Pitrolo, Marion County Schools, created to introduce teachers to Web 2.0.
Webquest can be found here: http://www.questgarden.com/66/37/6/080530203752/

Note: To view the above presentation full screen (much easier to read!), click on the blue icon in the right hand corner below the presentation.

If you’re wanting to find videos and resources to help you introduce the concept of web 2.0 and to begin to lead teachers into conversations about why this is important for their student learning, you might want to explore some of these.

AzTEA on You Tube
I have created a special group on You Tube to compile and share Web 2.0 videos with other educators. Videos can be newly created videos by participants and uploaded to the group, or videos found and saved from YouTube. The compilation of videos are those that I’ve found informative, helpful and entertaining related to schools, teachers, technology and Web 2.0. You are invited to submit a request to join the group if you would like to access the videos or upload your own videos. This will provide an easy option for uploading videos to wikispaces, blogs and websites by obtaining the embed code after uploading to YouTube. Please submit your own favorites for inclusion on this site. It will make a great place for you to return and select certain videos you might like to use in professional development events (if You Tube is not blocked in your school/district).

Web 2.0 Technology Videos (video list compiled and managed by Peggy George–feel free to contact me with questions/suggestions)

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